Birth & Re-birth : A Journey

I’ve been dreaming about being a mother since I was a very young girl. Alone in my bedroom I would stuff pillows, teddy bears and anything else that can be poked and prodded into the shape of a pregnant belly, into my t-shirt. I would stand in front of my long narrow mirror marvelling at my creation while stroking my make believe belly, completely in character.

For many parents children aren’t the only things we birth neither are they all that we aspire to create. At the age of 13 my eldest cousin and I started our first business, a lunchtime food spot using a counter in my grandmothers grocery store. My own mother taught us her fried chicken recipe, it was a real hit! I accumulated the capital by saving lunch money and organising my aunts fabulous wardrobe. Like so many of you, I wasn’t taught money management, financial planning and our first venture into business whilst a triumph, died in the flames of my grandmothers store which was burnt to the ground later that summer.

At that time my motivation was financial independence, to have more access to the things I desired — magazines & cute outfits (of course). In the beginning of my journey as a business woman, my focus weighed heavily in favour of logic and rational. The numbers, having accurate numbers, planning ahead, targets and goals were important. Where I felt I lacked experience and proper education, I relied heavily on what came naturally to me, a need and ability to create order. It worked really well, work flows became more streamlined, cashflow improved allowing the business to grow, we even managed to accumulate a healthy business savings account. It’s so important that we lean into our natural talents whilst honing the ones we aspire to. It’s incredibly important to see what is within us, even if others don’t.

There are discoveries so many of us parents make along this journey, it can seem as though while parenting our children, we learn to parent ourselves. The gentle words of encouragement that would flow easily off my lips to my children’s ears, were also reaching my own and with that a new sense of confidence was created. Within me, this has made space for a better balance of creativity and logic, the pressure of proving something to myself and others has lifted, it’s now about enjoying the process, the journey and what comes of it. There are goals of course! Kikelomo is filled with them, but they aren’t so centred on the bottom line. My business goals are now more focused on impact, how will our guests feel after returning home from a stay with us? Will that feeling meet our ambition? How can I ensure that it does? Beyond our guests, we have goals to positively impact the local community and wider environments. Profit is of course important, don’t get me wrong Kikelomo isn’t a non profit, but it’s ethos rests firmly in sustainability, eco consciousness and community wellness.

Thank you all for your poitive feedback on my first post, for the support and followers, it’s all so appreciated. In the month of December as we count down to a new year, I’ll be releasing a series of interviews with healers, facilitators and coaches who we’ll be working with. Following this, you’ll be able to meet the team bringing Kikelomo to life.

Until then, be well and stay safe.

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